6 Reasons for Staying on Carna

We all have our favourite things on holiday as well as ‘must haves’ so after a few thoughts of our own and an additional few from our friends and visitors, we thought we’d share the 5 that came up and the 1 that everyone agreed on.
  1. Natural and Wild – it is about being in the place in the moment.  Not about creating artificial settings but exploring, touching, feeling and enjoying nature in all its unkempt beauty.
  2. Wildlife – we have an abundance of wildlife right on the doorstep.  With deer roaming across the island, otters in holts and playing in the bays, breathtaking views of sea eagles and abundance of butterflies and other insect life.
  3. Trails and Walks – with freedom to ramble across the island, you can just head out on one of the animal paths and trails.  Every walk is different, heading down to the beach, the rocky shore, up over the hill, over the meadow or through the spinney.
  4. Sea & Beaches – As an island you are surrounded by the sea as it laps gently on the shore bringing life around you from the warm rich waters of the gulf stream. With a chance to guddle in rich rock pools,  scramble over rocky peninsulas hunting for crabs and sea shell sand beaches to build on, a day at the beach is right at the door.
  5. Emotion – It is not about a tick list of items but creating memories that will last, that when you look back the feeling of love, contentment and happiness is there.  The sense of success when you remember sitting quietly waiting to catch that glimpse of the otter in the sea, the sheer joy of catching a fish, and simply sitting back to enjoy the sunsets, roaring fire and starlit nights.
  6. Connecting – We love that by casting yourself off onto your own little island world, people, families and friends always reconnect and spend time together just being.  Adults become kids and kids get to be free to play.  The simpler things become far more important than worrying about everything else in the world.