Covid 19 update. Bookings for 1 week now run from Sunday to Saturday to allow for deep cleaning and airing of the houses between guests.

The Isle of Carna provides the ideal place to escape with family, friends or alone. This small, peaceful Scottish island gives a chance to reconnect with yourself, others and our abundant native wildlife in peace and seclusion whilst supporting our conservation projects and the local community.


“A TERRIBLE place for Facebook, Instagram, emails, Whatsapp, phone calls… On the other hand, the island EXCELS in wildlife, tranquility, nature, sea food, amazing landscapes and incredible views! A highly recommended digital detox!”

Simon Higson, London, UK. 2017.

A Unique and Authentic Scottish Island Experience

There are many Scottish islands, but none quite like Carna. This historic 600 acre gem sits surrounded by the rich coastal waters of Loch Sunart on the west coast of Scotland. With only 3 houses, no roads or traffic, no telephones, no TV or internet vying for your attention and few or no people it is the perfect place to escape the pressures of modern life and truly switch off. Ideal for reconnecting with the natural world, family, friends or just yourself.

Carna hosts a mosaic of different habitats and species of wildlife, many of them protected. Whether it’s Otters, Eagles, Butterflies or beautiful orchids the island is alive with biodiversity and every visitor helps contribute to looking after it as all our profits help fund our conservation projects and the sustainability of the local community. We are a small family run team made up of the islands’ owners, local businesses and local people and we would love to give you a warm Highland welcome here.

You can experience the island in several ways:

Holiday with us for a Self-catered Escape on your own secluded island!

Visit for the day on most Saturdays.

Learn about our Conservation Projects and how to Support Them.

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