The Carna “family” owners, managers and the team.

Today the island is stewarded by a new generation of the family after a long and successful tenure led by Tim Milward. It’s an exciting time for the family and the island as we get to work on maintaining and improving the island for our guests, progressing with our important conservation work and try to increase the island’s benefit to the local economy and community.

Ella lives with her family in South London and works as a Head of Partnership and Research.  Being part of the Carna family means she has spent over 40 years visiting the island, her parents got engaged at the top of Carna over 50 years ago; and in recent years have passed the running of the Island to the next generation including her.  Ella is proud to be continuing the legacy of the island as a place for people to experience a magical holiday, with a more recent focus on the conservation and wilderness elements, creating a sustainable future for the indigenous flora and fauna. Now with her own family, she remains a regular visitor, eagerly spying spots to reestablish the kids’ zip wire, spending time with the local community and passing on the joy of Carna to the next generation. Being a dab hand at spread sheets, Ella runs the finances for Isle of Carna.

Sarah is by day (& sometimes night) a mother and paediatrician in the Midlands. She has been coming to Carna since she was 5 with her family and Godmother & is now enjoying seeing her children enjoying the same rope swing, boat journeys and freedom that she grew up with. She is involved with house upkeep and the creative side of things on Carna, and hopes to maintain the environment, both in the house and on the island that is so healing for the soul, and refreshing.
Her favourite things to do on Carna are swimming, massive hide and seek in the house side of the island, walking and snoozing on the hills above Loch Teacuis, and painting. 

Milly is Ella’s twin sister and like her, spend some very happy times with family and friends on Carna, and about 8 birthdays! Now living in Asia for the past 10 years with three small kids she wishes she could visit more, and of all the things she misses from the UK, Dairy Milk and Carna are up there in the Top 5. Her top tips on Carna are run wild, get mucky and have adventures just like you did when you were a kid.  She’s is a Yoga teacher, Charity fundraiser and a Girl Guide leader.

Edward is one of the island’s owners being the great-great-grandson of the original purchaser Canon Horace Newton. He is passionate about Carna’s past, future and sharing it with visitors old and new. He has spent the last 12 years researching the family’s history in the area since acquiring the Glencripesdale Estate in 1870 (opposite the Isle of Carna) and adding Carna in 1881. He is happiest when on a horse and is passionate about reintroducing a balanced and appropriate selection of wildlife to Carna to help restore the natural ecosystem. Edward is a Chartered Surveyor and spends his time between North Yorkshire, Carna and London.

Andy Jackson, General Manager and co-founder of Carna Conservation Initiative and his wife Allison Jackson have been an integral part of running the island since 2003. Based across the water at Laga Bay for over 35 years they run Ardnamurchan Charters and mainland self-catering accommodation Laga Lodge as well as providing all the essential support to the island keeping it running smoothly as well as looking after guests, making sure holidaying on the Isle of Carna is a fun, relaxing and interesting adventure. Allison, a retired nurse, manages the housekeeping side of the island’s operations. Andy, a trained engineer and local Coastguard Search and Rescue Station Officer, operates the logistics side of Carna providing maintenance, transport, guided wildlife trips and boat training as well as being heavily involved in our conservation projects as a Director of Carna Conservation Initiative. A founder member of the marine protection initiative CAOLAS and founder member of West Highland Peninsulas Tourist Association Andy has worked continuously promoting and protecting this very special area. Andy is also a WiSe (wildlife safe) qualified skipper who can provide excellent wildlife guiding on the island and around the local waters in his charter vessel MV Laurenca.