Can I bring my dogs/pet?

YES – the island is great for accommodating well behaved dogs, up to three per property. We do ask for a £15 surcharge per dog though, to cover extra cleaning costs.
Please ensure you bring relevant tick prevention or removal equipment (tick tweezers) and check your dogs after each adventure.
Unfortunately cats and other pets are NOT permitted, in order to protect the island’s biodiversity.

Is Carna a child friendly place? Can we bring a baby?

Carna is a family owned island and we have all been coming since we were small children.  We do advise that you don’t bring children under two years old however, as the island is that extra bit remote for infants, should you have any medical issues. Do give us a ring or email us to discuss further if you are unsure.
Please note that baby equipment, such as monitors or sterilisers, cannot be plugged in, so they need to be manual or run on batteries.
On request, we can also provide you with a travel cot, high chair, Fireguard, and an appropriate lifejacket.
Carna’s peace and tranquillity, lack of roads and external visitors, as well as excellent den-making facilities, means it is a safe place and great for children to explore.

Length of Stay? Deposits? Confirmation? Cancellations?

It is possible to book a holiday on any start day outside of peak times (July & August) just simply select your property and dates through our short break enquiry process and we’ll try and arrange things for you. Please be aware that as prices are based on a Saturday changeover, any weeks that cross over price bands would be charged at the combined price.
We take a non-refundable deposit of £500 per cottage, at the time of booking. We then require the full balance 8 weeks before arrival. If booked inside 8 weeks, confirmation of booking will only be given on receipt of the full balance.
You will receive a booking confirmation when a deposit payment has been made. A second confirmation, along with directions to the property will be sent when your holiday is paid in full.
Cancellations received more than 8 weeks prior to the date of play will not incur a charge beyond losing the deposit. Unfortunately those received less than 8 weeks before the start date are non-refundable.  Please contact us should you require to cancel on 01972 500208 or

I don’t know anything about boats?  Is this the place for me?

YES – do not worry, members of our team will greet you when you arrive and take you, and all your luggage, to the island.  On Carna you will then receive full safety and handling training, this covers all who wish to pilot the boat and we also make sure all passengers are trained for safety procedures and how to behave around a motorboat.
The team will be available via radio for any further questions.
We often have boat novices, do not worry. We will make sure you are comfortable in using the boats.  You do not need a qualification, but do need to be over 18 years old.
Alternatively, as you are collected and returned to the mainland, you may not feel the need to leave the island during your stay and so never need to drive the boat.

Can I fish? Is there any fishing tackle provided?

YES – you can fish in the loch from the boat provided or from the shore. We can rent you equipment and point out the good spots or you can bring your own. Mackerel are plentiful in the loch during the summer, easy to catch and taste fantastic cooked fresh as can be! The area has a lot of great seafood such as langoustine, lobsters, mussels and  scallops amongst others. River fishing is available on the mainland for salmon and trout also.

The island looks great but what about day trips? What is in the house? BBQs?

Please refer to our THINGS TO DO pages for a full list. Andy and the team can take you on various day trips by boat, direct from the island, to places such as Tobermory (Balamory!) on Mull, Muck and the Cairns of Coll, as well as those places situated more locally. They can also help you to organise activities further afield, such as kayaking, mountain biking and they are give advice on what to visit in the area.
In the accommodation we have a wide range of books, games, jigsaws and cards to keep the family entertained.
The cottages both have a permanent BBQs, but part of the fun can be building your own or having a transportable one on the beach and creating that true wilderness experience. We’ll even give you simple instructions – safety and otherwise, for your Bear Grylls moments.

What does this mean? 

The island does not have conventional electrical power, it being provided instead by a new solar/batteries system backed up by a generator. This system does provide for the electric fridge (standard larder fridge size, with a freezer section) and the charging of small devices such as a mobile phone but does not operate larger and more intense appliances such as hairdryers, laptops, electric kettles etc.
But, with a gas cooker, gas fired hot water and plenty of fireplaces you have everything you need to stay warm, have hot baths and cook fine meals, you also get a break from the beeping and ringing of modern technology, as evenings are spent talking, reading, playing games or looking at the beautiful views; rather than staring at screens of one sort or another.
Carna House has gas lights which create a special atmosphere found nearly nowhere else nowadays and provide plenty of warmth. Carna Cottage has electric lighting and there is also the romance of candlepower!

Can I receive a mobile signal? Can I charge devices?

YES – but only when you climb to the top of the island to enjoy the beautiful views.  The rest of the island thankfully does not receive a signal, allowing you to escape the office!
Both houses have limited electricity but you can charge small items like a mobile phone 24hrs a day. We think you will enjoy living without the interruption of devices and enjoying a digital detox.

What should I bring? Where can I buy food?

Bring as much as you think you will need (there is plenty of space on the boat for us to take it over to the island), you can have deliveries to Laga Bay organised whilst you are there. We can also organise local produce for you to collect on arrival, if you wish.
A trip from the island to the Ardnamurchan mainland or to Tobermory, Mull, allows you to stock up (as well as some extra sightseeing).
There are a number of standard items to cover your stay, such as tea, coffee, sugar, salt and pepper in each property.
If driving from Glasgow airport there are large supermarkets close by and then smaller local stores along the way, including The Jetty Shop at Salen and local shops with cash machines at Strontian.

What else should I bring?  Walking boots vs Wellies?

Packing priority, ensure your luggage and food are packed in sturdy, waterproof containers. Whilst being transferred from car to cottage it may be exposed to Scottish weather for up to an hour. Consider carefully what you bring as you will be carrying it on and off the boat.
Canoes, kayaks and other small watercraft will either be carried on the transfer boat or towed behind it.
Guests have arranged stores and luggage to be delivered to Laga by courier. Useful if you are flying, motorcycling or travelling by public transport. We can store items until your arrival.

  • Sun cream – this may surprise some but in the spring and summer months it can be very sunny. 
  • Insect Repellent, essential to help avoid ticks and midges. 
  • Waterproofs – trousers and anoraks are good for burn scrambles (climbing up rivers and waterfalls) and climbing in and out of boats. 
  • Gloves and hats – for cold weather and protection whilst handling ropes on the boat and exploring the island. 
  • Books, cards, board games and spare batteries – We have reduced items available to improve Covid infection control.
  • Camera – to record your adventures.

Wellies are essential, as best for navigating the many untrodden paths, inlets and boat trips, however walking boots are good for long rambles and climbing over rocks.  Ensure you bring comfortable socks and maybe a pair of indoor shoes too. The Green Welly Stop in Tyndrum on the drive up from Glasgow is a good place to stop, as well as multiple stores in Fort William.
Carna has a number of paths around and across it, as well as animal trails, you can wander freely but we ask that you consider the wildlife and cause minimum disturbance to keep the impact down. We will explain where to go and what to look out for during your introductory walk.
We provide ALL household linen and towels and if requested can arrange a laundry service, although there are no laundry facilities on the island.
We do not provide beach or dog towels.

How do we get to the island? Where do I leave the car? Planning your arrival.

Arrive at the departure point at Laga Bay approximately one hour prior to the boat leaving for the island. This allows time to unload and park your car and load your supplies into the boat. Obviously this time will vary with the amount of luggage you have. If this is your first visit to the island it is a good idea to contact us by phone or email before your holiday to discuss this further Tel 01972500208 or email

  • Carna House, the boat departs Laga Bay at 14.30, suggested arrival time at Laga Bay 13.30.
  • Carna Cottage, the boat departs Laga Bay at 16.00, suggested arrival time at Laga Bay 15.00.

Our team led by Andy Jackson is based at Laga Bay, where you will unpack your car and belongings. We provide full transfers from Laga Bay on the covered Charter boat “Laurenca 2” for people, pets, luggage and food.
Cars are left either at Laga Bay or at our private car park when multiple cars are involved, providing safe off road mainland parking.

Who else is on the island?

There are two properties that we rent and manage on the island, so there may well be other visitors, unless you have taken both properties.  They are some distance apart and so maintaining your own space, keeping pet dogs apart etc. has never been an issue.
There is a third private holiday cottage on the island, away from the other properties. They use a different buoy for their boat, so if they are on the island, you may not see them.
The Isle of Carna has plenty of space over its 600 acres, so your privacy and tranquillity will not be affected.

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