How You can Help

How can I help Carna Conservation Initiative?

The Carna Conservation Initiative is run as a non-profit Community Interest Company (CIC), seeking to fund itself through a range of wildlife tourism, sponsorships, grants and crucially, donations.

We are a new ground level initiative of just a few people with very limited resources and at the moment we rely entirely on donations and voluntary labour. As such we are in great need of any support you can give (financial or material) to make our Conservation Projects we have planned succeed.

As a small organisation this means your money will be spent directly on delivering our conservation projects making a real difference to native biodiversity on the ground and improving the sustainability of a remote highland community, unlike other big organisations where donations get swallowed up by expensive offices and staff.

If you would like to support our projects, there are a range of ways to do so and any donation however big or small would be greatly appreciated. Any donation over £20 will receive a free gift certificate as a thank you!


Donations provide the vital seed funding for our projects to get off the ground. We have the dedicated and passionate people wanting to give their time, effort and energy to our plans but we do also need funds to buy the equipment and make things happen on this remote island.

Paypal donations

You can make donations to the project via Paypal which offers single or repeat payments through a simple and secure online payments system, just click the button to start!

Donations by cheque

If you would like to donate by cheque please make it payable to Carna Conservation Initiative CIC and send it to us at Bruach na Fearna, Laga Bay, Acharacle, Argyll, PH36 4JW, Scotland.


We welcome both personal and commercial sponsors, whether supporting the aims of the Initiative in general or specific parts of it benefiting a particular species or habitat. We greatly appreciate such support and strongly promote it across our website, social networks, press releases and other promotional activities.

We have opportunities for people or businesses to sponsor the following specific items:

  • Bee Hives: As part of our efforts to conserve the Native Black Honey Bee, £100 will sponsor a side of a bee hive allowing us to purchase and maintain the hive and continue the local effort to rear more queens. Alternatively £400 can sponsor the entire hide. We can decorate the side(s) with your name, group or business, logo and website so all those visiting Carna can see it. We will also publicise you on our website and social media channels.
  • Tree Planting and Protection: for £50 we can plant a protected native tree such as oak, juniper or ash with your name, group or business details shown on the protector fence. You will also receive a photo certificate for you to display your contribution with pride and we will publish it on social media as well. These are long term trees to serve as seed producers, shelter and habitat so should be there in 100 years still!
  • Rare Breed Cattle: as part of our conservation grazing plans to aid our Wildflower Meadows, Habitat Restoration and Rare Breeds projects we are trying to introduce rare breed native cattle, such as Shetlands, to the island in spring 2016. We are offering the opportunity to sponsor a cow for £500 where you can name it, receive updates, be publicised every time we post about it on social media and even receive a 10kg boxed selection of meat from it when the time comes. As our friends at the Rare Breeds Survival Trust say the best way to conserve our rare breeds is to eat them, and as any chef will tell you
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    our native breeds are delicious!

Interested in sponsoring us? Contact us to learn more.

Come and Stay!

Wildlife and eco-tourism makes up the mainstay of our business plan to achieve economic sustainability of the Initiative and fund our Conservation Projects, and we make sure to provide you the best possible experience in return for supporting the project. We have a range of ways to stay on the island from Self-catered Escapes, to catered and guided Conservation Experience Weeks and Courses. You can also visit for the day on most Saturdays throughout July and August for a small donation of £10 per head, please contact us to check availability.



Throughout the year we have a number of volunteer opportunities, these include conservation work on the island, carry out survey work for us, help with maintenance and supporting our science research. To keep up-to-date on opportunities available sign up to our mailing list here and follow us on Facebook and Twitter or if you would like to offer a particular skill or trade in return for accommodation on the island then do contact us.