Things to Do: On the Water

The island boat

With your own boat included in your stay, we ensure you have full safety and handling tuition for pottering around the island and into Loch Teacuis or further back along Loch Sunart. This is great for seeing wildlife such as seals, eagles and porpoises as well as scenery. You can also use your boat to launch a walking or exploring expedition on various points of the mainland.

These boats have a drop down door at the front giving easy access for diving, snorkeling and swimming.

Wild Swimming

A stay on Carna is ideal for wild swimming. There are lots of challenges, swim the two lochs with direct access from the island, Loch Sunart and Loch Teacuis. Swim in the sea off our private pontoon or any point around the island from the shore or your boat. There are also a number of hill lochs and rivers in the area which you can take a dip into after a good walk up there and even a waterfall to jump off. Whether wetsuits or “skins” are your thing the beautiful clean waters of the west coast are perfect. It is important to be aware of tides and currents before swimming if you require any advice or boat support then speak directly to Andy Jackson at our base on Ardnamurchan. Andy has extensive knowledge and experience of the local waters and will be glad to help. For more info about Andy see our “Carna Family” page


Scotland is a legendary fishing country and sea fishing is free wherever you are! So if fishing is your bag, don’t forget to pack your rod when you come to Carna. We also have rods and reels you can hire for the chance to catch and taste some of the fish your local fishmonger is unlikely to stock such as Saithe and Lythe as well as Sea trout, Gurnard, Cod, and Mackerel. Further fly fishing is available on various river and lochs nearby on the mainland. With lobster pots you can also have a unique and different experience of setting and lifting the creels to see what’s lurking below the waves in Loch Sunart. With low tides and a rocky shore mussels are easy to pick. A foodie’s paradise!

Kayaking & Canoeing

Kayaking or canoeing are great ways to explore around the island and wider Loch Sunart. Excellent for seeing wildlife up close it is also a great way to get active and learn a new skill for those who haven’t done it before. We can arrange a sea kayaking session for you from your Carna base with full instruction and guidance from Steve, Lizzie and Tristan from Sea Kayak Arisaig. They offer a variety of options from introductory sessions to full accredited training courses and even overnight wild camping expeditions.


Diving around the island and Loch Sunart Marine Protected Area is a fantastic way to explore the largely hidden under water world and the huge diversity of marine life it holds. You might find yourself joined by an inquisitive seal, see crabs fighting or be amazed by the colourful corals and sea fans. Diving facilities for experienced divers with equipment are offered by our partner Ardnamurchan Marine Centre and we have a project with them to survey the waters around the island every year to monitor its condition.