What to do when the local shop isn’t just round the corner?

What to do when the local shop is a walk, a boat and a car journey away?


Panic, well we hope not.  Being based on an island with no local amenities, you don’t need to go Bear Grylls Survival style – unless you want to in which case Carna is ideal! We’ve been offering holiday breaks on Carna for over 10 years and we are have made sure you’re stay has all the facilities you need to cast yourself away to the island without needing to run out for supplies the whole time.

A simple list is where we would start. Number of people, number of meals and you can’t go far wrong. For foodies Ardnamurchan, the local mainland areas, has some great local food producers from organic fruit and vegetables to grass reared meat to wild venison to fantastic seafood from the world renowned local waters of the West coast of Scotland. You will be amazed at how making meals from scratch can reduce the need for the convenience shop. Bringing a veg box, a dairy and cheese selection, staple dried foods and meat from the butcher, all provide the perfect larder for a week of indulging your appetites giving you more time to concentrate on having adventures or just chilling out! We also make sure you have enough room for the luxuries – be it wine, beer, spirits or chocolate.

The simplicity of life on Carna often means that guests enjoy taking the time to create warm, and sumptuous meals to enjoy across the dinner table and into the evening.  With no need to rush the slow food is perfect, placing a roast in the oven ready to eat after a walk on the hills.  Spending the day baking bread or cakes with children, naturally unwinding with a glass of wine and your favourite dish, are all ways to create the most memorable moments from the undemanding things in life.

The other alternative does, however, provide the adventure of the getting the “messages” from home, work and ‘real life’ when going ashore, a holiday highlight for some of our guests if only to remind them of how they are escaping it all with a Digital Detox on Carna!

Links to some of our great local producers can be found here:

Shielfoot Organics: local croft producing a great range of Organic fruit and Vegetables.

Ardshealach Smokehouse: Local smokehouse producing smoked fish, cheese and meat.

Roshven Hill Farm: Local buy prednisone 20mgonline hill farm producing hill reared grass fed native beef.

Salen Jetty Shop: Carna’s nearest store selling a great range of products and serving excellent drinks and food and cakes!