wild camping

Wild Camping.

An Ecologists and Photographers dream.

True Wild Camping is an exceptional experience for anyone but particularly ideal for ecologists and photographers wanting to get closer to the action and be truly ‘with it’ in the natural environment. On and around Carna makes an excellent location to become immersed in your wild surroundings and get amongst our precious but beautiful wildlife. We facilitate a very limited number of wild campers onto the island during the year so that the ecological peace and stability of this secluded island is not compromised. We give priority to ecologists and photographers offering their skills and images in return to aid our conservation projects and the Carna Conservation Initiative by helping us conduct surveys and scientific study. We only allow experienced wild campers and the times and locations are carefully coordinated to have minimal impact and not to disturb visiting guests. To make a request for wild camping and/or offer your skills to the initiative in return you can email us at info@carnaconservation.org
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